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2012-2013 Touring Productions

Touring both the State of Florida and to venues throughout the United States, ETC is a proud ambassador for Ruth Eckerd Hall and The Marcia P. Hoffman Performing Arts Institute and is the resident professional theater of Ruth Eckerd Hall’s 182 seat Murray Studio Theater.

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by Eric Coble
Commissioned and premiered
by Eckerd Theater Company

The Hundred Dresses

Election Day 2012. Eighteen-year-old Nicole Harrison registered to vote when she got her driver’s license but has no intention of casting a ballot today. Why bother? Too many things to do. As her friend argues about the need to voice an opinion, Nicole suddenly slips back through time, back into the midst of the Revolutionary War! Nicole battles to return to her own time while her compatriots battle for the very right she so casually dismisses. Tossed through time from one historical event to another, standing beside women, minorities and young people, all demanding and claiming their rights, Nicole participates in changing the face of democracy as we all learn just how many shoulders we're standing on every time we step into a voting booth.

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing, Woodstock, Illinois.

Woodland Tales
Adapted for the stage by
the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble

Curriculum Connections: language arts, theater arts, commitment to character studies

(Maximum audience 300)

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

How did the turkey get his gobble? Why are the rabbit's ears so long? How did the frog lose his teeth? For hundreds of years, Native American children have delighted in stories of how animals came to be as they are. Like Kipling's JUST SO STORIES, the Native American legends in WOODLAND TALES combine humor and wisdom to enchant the youngest among us.

Actors and audience sit together in the round, sharing the stories much as the tribe might have done around a camp fire hundreds of years ago. The lively storytelling in an intimate setting and interactive audience participation make this a perfect first-time theater experience.

“ . . . The child in me enjoyed; the academic teacher in me enjoyed; the drama teacher in me was in awe. . . “ Dottie Hershman, Lower Division Drama Specialist, Berkeley Preparatory School

A Thousand Cranes
By Kathryn Schultz Miller

I Never Saw Another Butterfly

There is a legend that says that any person who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish. Sadako Sasaki was two years old. Her mother held her in her arms and sang a lullaby. In the house, her grandmother was making tea. Suddenly, a flash of light cut across the sky.

Ten years later, in 1955, when Sadako was a happy 12 year old school girl in Hiroshima, the radiation sickness came. Sadako began to fold cranes, wishing to be well again, wishing that an atom bomb like the one that took her grandmother would never be dropped again.

Before her death, Sadako folded six hundred and forty-four cranes. Her friends and classmates folded three hundred fifty-six more to make one thousand. Three years later, in Hiroshima Peace Park, they unveiled a statue of Sadako holding a golden crane in her outstretched arms with this inscription: “This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace in the world.” Every year since then, children have sent thousands of cranes to be placed at the foot of her monument.

This play tells the true story of Sadako and of how her spirit of hope and strength continues to inspire young people the world over to work for peace.

Produced by special arrangement with DRAMATIC PUBLISHING, Woodstock, Illinois.


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